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How to Develop a Habit of Sleep?

Before you start taking Ambien, you should change your sleep habits and practise relaxation techniques, which can help you get to sleep. Development of a habit of sleep is a necessary therapeutic component for any kind of sleep disturbance.


Why is a good sleep important?

Sleep is necessary for good physical and mental well-being. Natural sleep restores the body and mind and provides enough time for dreams (REM sleep), which supports the ability to learn, memory, and mood.

If the sleep is broken, you are more likely to develop an infection, and there is a risk of occurrence of high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. You will also be more prone to make mistakes during work, you will recover longer from stress, there will be problems with learning and memory as well as depression and irritability.


Some recommendations for the development of the habit of sleep:

If your bedroom is too noisy or there is too much light in it, try to change the situation by making it quieter and less bright. Take care of ventilation and humidity. Too dry air causes a reduction in the nasal passages, which will cause discomfort. Using earplugs and glasses for sleeping will help focus on sleep. Maintain a regular sleep regimen (go to bed and get up at the same time, regardless of the length of sleep);

Do not go to bed and do not try to sleep if you do not want to sleep.

Try not to think about when and how much to sleep. Worries about sleep can provoke a more difficult falling asleep or even insomnia.

Develop a relaxed state of mind before getting to sleep. To be relaxed, you should reduce anxiety. There are a couple of relaxation techniques:

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